Mid Size
BRONZE 52.5"x 41"x 18.5" |  Edition of 12

I met Natalie Cole one day and I told her I was inspired by her song

‘Inseperable’ to do a sculpture. She replied, “that is magic when you

can turn a song into a sculpture” … This song sang the sculpture into life:


by Natalie Cole

Inseparable, that's how we'll always be

Inseparable, just you and me

It's so wonderful to know you'll always be around me

Incredible, what you are to me

Incredible, you bring out the woman in me

With your style of love

Inseparable, yes we are

Well like a flower to a tree

Like words to a melody of love

There's no way we could break up

No words that can make us

Blow our thing. we're just

Inseparable, that's how it is

Inseparable, for the rest of our years

It's so wonderful to know you'll always be around.

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Type: Mid Size