Love's Divine

Love's Divine

November 13, 2021

The Eisenhower Medical Center

" There are three kinds of dancers, those for whom dancing is physical exercise, those who dance to express their emotion, and those who hand over their bodies to the inspiration of the soul."-- Isadora Duncan

 I love that quote because it resonates with my sculptures. I think to create one must give themselves to the inspired dreams and moments of their lives. We live in such a sterile world that we forget to listen to our wildness and our instincts. We are narrowed in mind by cultural rules and labels and can barely hear the whisper of the supreme force. When I sculpt I surrender my preconceived life and try to forget the taught technique and rules. I want to come from a more untamed and raw perspective. I want to energize my art with a sensation of living and unexpected oppositions and paradoxes.

We create to remember who we are, to reach back into our primordial genetic thoughts. The creative intellect is a shadow or our instinct. Art always consist of our memories, and usually a prayer to imitate something we remember in nature. We cannot trace the true origins or art, because it is the mythos of our souls who are the forerunners of our visions and creative dreams. There was a muddy center before we breathed. There was a myth before the myth began.

I believe that all art comes from our primordial mud. That there is as Stanley Romaine Hopper wrote "a mythological consciousness that inspires us to create". Every human has her own personal intelligence, her own authentic and ancient dream. We know it when we hear or see or feel something that makes our blood run a little faster, our hearts beat somewhat louder, the quickening of the spirit. We are guided by that personal and private intelligence. It steers us and motivates us. It becomes our muse, our dream, our own intimate reality. Dreams and art transform us into our own conversation, our own individual existence. We are freed from stereotypical labels by reclaiming our own mythic function. Art helps us to do just that. Creativity points the way for us to our own personal freedom.

The sculpture for Eisenhower Hospital symbolizes healing and compassion. In this day and age we can all benefit from strong symbols depicting hope.

Keep the Faith ____

Gesso Cocteau


The Sculpture 'Love's Divine' can be seen at

Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage Ca.

In front of the Greg and Stacy Renker Pavilion.

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