I began making bronze sculpture as a way to reflect my own life's journey.

There is always a correlation between my individual sculptures and what is happening in my life.

My work is like a personal journal, in a sense that the work resolves or characterizes my experiences. I have made sculptures to resolve a problem or to chronicle my joy and despair. Most evident in my work are relationships that I have experienced or observed. 

I am motivated by the absolute truth of the body's posture. Since gestures are, for the most part, learned before any type of language is acquired and the non-verbal movement of the body never lies, there is honesty to this instinctive physical vocabulary. 

I believe there is an emotional equivalent to every physical gesture of the flesh. My sculptures display bodies conveying their own range of feelings in the forms of lover, musicians, dancers, angels and bodies coded with expressions of introspection.

The language of my sculpture contains my thoughts, my reactions, my perceptions, and the way that I process my life. They are also shadows and left over residue of a time in my own personal history. I think of my sculpture as 'social sculpture' with a universal narrative, emotions we all have in common.

My sculptures are the faceless nature of non-verbal communication reflecting the human spirit...