Elegant Lush Anthology of Illustrated Love Poems by Pete and Gesso: A Collaboration of Two Artist Shared Vision Navigated by the Most Common Human Experience of Love.
Love is the most basic human emotion. As we navigate our passions, our desires, our erotic senses, we strive to decipher what it means to be human, what it means to be a man or a woman and what it means to actualize unity with another. For each and every one of us, life begins and ends alone, but in the interim come opportunities to form inexplicably intimate bonds, to literally fuse two lives into one, or as we more commonly know it, to fall deeply and meaningfully in love.
We love in so many different ways, never feeling one particular feeling at a time, but rather luxuriate in an amalgam of mixed responsiveness and paradoxes. Love has fear, power, guilt, misery, loneliness….it has pain and pleasure … it involves almost every feeling. Every human being falls in love.. We try to understand it, but loving someone is always a work in progress….we are after all mere mortals seeking someone to understand and love us. We want our dreams and our souls to be connected to another human being….One of the most difficult things we do is navigate our passions, our desires, our erotic senses in search of such unity. The words do not exist without the images. They are not separate and in this way the unified perception of two artist is undeniable, an emotive coalescence of a literary and visual experience, an environment where the two mediums bend in an endless circumference.


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