Original Drawings in Graphite and Chalk:

With these series of drawings I am attempting to reveal my personal interpretation of what it means to be human. When I sculpt I dismantled and reduce form, but when I draw I concentrate on the details and the realistic aspects of anatomy. It is the balance of a generalized modern form of sculpture to a detailed realistic drawing in a Michelangelo fashion that becomes my visual language. My two worlds of realism and abstract cannot survive independent of each other: they are co dependent.

With these drawings I become my own muse. 

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” This is the mantra behind the series of drawings called ‘The Prayer Series’ each one numbered, each one carrying with it the temperament of being human, the “beautiful and wild forces within us.”

My drawings often show the hands in prayer mode, a symbol that is an innate consciousness within all of us. No words needed, this visual hallmark is the logo of hope, and a state of grace we find ourselves in by default of being born. The totem of prayer is beyond words, the hands in this posture remind us of what the ancients called the greatest force in the universe, a wisdom that comes from our bones, a knowing that no matter what religion or what doctrine we adhere to, prayer is hopeful poetry and it gives us strength, faith and grace.