August 01, 2023



Unfolding like an impression

the idea I am holding onto

as I disappear into consequences

of thinking down into the deep.


Entering and exiting the dream world

finding myself within the trajectory

of personal craving.


These flickering lights

no longer spell reality ____


listen I am

ghost sleeping upon my heart,


remembering words slipping off your tongue

creating a  dictionary of our need that moves me forward

into an impression of a dream.


( walking toward you )


Scarlet dress with stygian folds

and always the crows fly

orbiting my eternity through the hallways of lost wisdom.


( as a consequence )


books on the shelves murmur to me

with ancient craving turned into hunger.


You said the female orgasm is a

mystical moment connected to creation:

I say you are my hidden secret,

my oracle, my sagacious innamorato:


I do not think of you as words without a body,

I feel the carnal thread between our flesh,

and any given moment has a multitude of views


after word

I touch your pulse and find

that place where your moans morph into phrases

and we exchange hands for wings and fly too close to the sun.


( a pause )


(a dream )


I am alone

looking for you

between the hallways of enchantment

In the midst of our affection for books




beneath the birds whose wings we borrow

to bring us closer to this illusion

we both love.

For the man who weaves words ‘into the mystic’ ____ .

©Poetry and Art Gesso Cocteau 2023






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