The Raven

The Raven

August 30, 2023

The Raven


I am the precipice of the mountain you are standing upon,


I am the feather that lands at your feet when you are alone,


I am the dream wrapped around you, holding you tight on a cold winter’s eve:


I am the moon catching you when you fall from the sky,


I am the song of the flower that kisses you good night,


I am the wildfire that burns between us.


I am the heart that goes on beating even when it is broken,


I am the kiss that bruises you, the lust that does not struggle.


I am the first time you fell in love from a distance:


I am the faithful and the betrayed, the unthinkable,


I am the silent lover, the starving lover, the lover who wants to be yours.


I am the unfinished stone you searched for in the quarry:


I am the naked earth who stands before you awaiting your hammer and your blade.


I am the poet, the sculptor and the shadow reading your words,


I am the dream between dusk and darkness,


I am the pathless woods the broken compass and the poetry lost in translation.


I was the one you were seeking


because I was seeking you.


I was the wildfire that burned between us.


( Now )


I am the embers laying down in darkness.


I am temptation,


I am the raven.



Poetry and Art © Gesso Cocteau

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