October 09, 2023



Where the darkness

kisses the light

and the light begs for forgiveness,

where the split in time

allows the shade

of this shadow

to sleep within his arms.

Where once I lost sight

of the beauty of wildness

and our unharnessed rapture.

Where I dreamt we were children

and the wink of your eye

became a door to our lives.

Where I lost you

and you would not return

when I asked you why

you whispered to me,

“the void is where we find one another.”

When the emptiness echoed

with illuminated sight

I saw fragments of myself.

I became a witness

to the rising of our lust.

you remember now____don’t you?

© Gesso Cocteau

From 'STRANDED HEARTS'  An Anthology Of Love Poetry

Art by Pete Berg for 'STRANDED HEARTS'  An Anthology Of Love Poetry

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