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A Poet Falls in Love


It takes courage to live.


When the poem

becomes so transparent

you wonder if the reader

can see the wounds

inside your eyes ____

the sight that never heals.


Once I loved a man

who came to me in a dream

but my soul was divided


Once I loved another man

who wanted my heart

and was willing

to pay for it in gold.

I expected better from both:


( a poet falls in love to write about it )


I break the bindings

of my favorite poet’s books

not because I want to

but because of my need ____


( every poets wants too much )


I wanted time

so I refused to let my womb

be used for anything

except excuses.


I wanted love

but my public confessions

would always lay me down

into a bed of blaze ____


(men want admission not disclosure)


____ and if your lucky

the ghost of your lovers

won’t leave stones

in your heart


It seems I am always

rising from a war

crawling into the arms

of my youth.


It takes courage to live.

© Poem: Gesso Cocteau

© Art: Pete Berg


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Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed

April 05, 2024

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