March 08, 2023


(Sixth Symphony)


The clouds are swirling in this sky

and the sun sets behind the mountain.


( ____ I could imagine you

as I could imagine my soul. )


Sitting here, still wet from water,

that abstract moment between transition ____

when the light dies submissively 

into the arms of darkness.


You and I suspended in this mystery,

the gilded yearning of the ineffable.


My conviction of belonging to this thirst,

this need, a silence so strong,

the urge ____ palpable.


I hear the interval between tones

moaning into a minor key

and the melody lingers upon the air

like dragons ____ yearning for Niranva.


The symphonic coherence of release,

the sound of a whip in the distance,

our lives playing among an elegy and a requiem.


Yearning is where we dissolve.


How far can we fall

into that symphonic coherence of release and energy

before we meet our demons?


( What is the tempo of your honesty and your despair? )


Perhaps like the sixth symphony you love so much

we are decreed by fate.


© Poetry Gesso Cocteau
© Image  Peter Berg

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