Aspacia The Dragon Gesso Cocteau Notable Work


Los Angeles, CA

About Aspasia the Dragon

In the verdant realm of Northridge, California, a castle emerges, not merely as a structure of stone and mortar, but as a sanctuary where the magical becomes tangible. Here stands 'Aspasia,'a dragon sculpture cast in bronze, conceived at the behest of a patron whose childhood was steeped in medieval lore. Aspasia, with a wingspan of twenty feet, is a testament to creativity and to an arduous journey from conception to realization - a journey spanning two years and marked by both literal and metaphorical fires.

This creative journey was as dramatic as the myths that inspired it. During the intricate process of applying wax scales to her form, a spark ignited, briefly bringing Aspasia to life with flames, as if she were a true dragon of lore. This incident underscored her formation through fire, determination, and a profound dedication to seeing her through to completion. Named after Aspasia of Miletus, an illustrious scholar and philosopher who left a significant intellectual mark on Athenian society, the dragon Aspasia embodies strength and resilience. This name was chosen to imbue the sculpture with the enduring qualities that resonate through her metallic sinews and individually sculpted scales. Within the castle I was commissioned to create sixteen life size drawings, each exploring themes of dragons, erotica and monsters further enriching the narrative woven around Aspasia.

"The spirit of the artist is eternal, much like the sculptures they create: it outlives generations, embodying not just an era's aesthetic but it's very soul." Aspasia stands as a monumental tribute to this enduring spirit, bridging past inspirations with timeless artistry. "Dragons live in the heart of our imagination, where they breathe fire into our creative endeavors and remind us of the boundless realms of possibility."