The Way it Felt

The Way it Felt

March 11, 2023

The Way it Felt


It is the way

the beginning of winter felt,


the way patterns

of this arrangement felt

and  the way my relationships

were meticulously organized

like the layered leaves

of dark dahlias.


The way my memories

of being a child

haunted me as I stood

beneath a dying sun.


( there is no interpretation

for loving a stranger )


I think the trees

want to join the sky,

give birth to babies

imprinted with stories

of animals

and storms

and birds





The mind of the tree

follows me

as I pull myself


into the direction

of an ultimate demise.


How can I tell you

the way this feels

the uncertainty of

being alive

the heartbroken

wonder of death?


Sometimes I want to

scrape the sand

from my tongue

wash my mouth

out with soap

and ask a man I loved

how he became a stranger.


©Gesso Cocteau Poetry

© Roberto Ferri Art


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