Life Size

BRONZE  74” x 40” x 29” |  Edition of 1

While sculpting "Flamenco Noveau" I tried to visualize the spirit of flamenco, a passionate and expressive art form deeply rooted in the culture of the gypsies in Spain. The figure's fluid lines, and dramatic pose embody the intensity and fervor of a flamenco dancer, lost in the rhythm and soul of the music. Flamenco is more than a dance; it is a way of life for the gypsies, where music and passion intertwine to create moments of raw emotion and beauty. This sculpture speaks to the heart of flamenco, where every movement is a story, and every gesture a heartfelt expression.

As the musician says, “With my guitar, I can speak a thousand emotions without saying a word.” The guitar in flamenco is not just an instrument; it is a voice that sings the dreams, desires, and sorrows of the soul. “The guitar dreams out loud in music," capturing the essence of flamenco’s ability to convey profound feelings through its melodies. “Tonight, I just need my guitar,” speaks to the intimate connection between the guitarist and their instrument, where playing the guitar is like poetry on fire—passionate, wild, and full of lust. Flamenco, in its essence, is an outpouring of the heart, a dance where the spirit takes.

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