TI AMO/Lifesize

Life Size 

BRONZE  78.5” x 51” x 27” |  Edition of 18

Lover’s dance to express their passion.

In the sculpture Ti Amo, I was attempting to describe an intangible reason people who fall in love hold on to one another in a dance. The elation we feel when we balance ourselves into another body to music is almost imperceptible. It is not defined by words, yet the way lover’s move to music becomes the unwritten poem. In dance we can express what we cannot in words, it is a gestural knowing, the language of the body which is the most truthful and universally understood language of the world. In Ti Amo I wanted to show how dance becomes a translator for the human heart. In dance we show the other person who we truly are, and since every dancer has a unique way of moving, to move together in a union of love is a testimony of our compatibility. It is simply sublime.

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Ti Amo