Table Top

BRONZE  34” x 24” x 10” |  Edition of 18

 As a child I was enchanted with the ballet “Giselle’. As an adult I understood the timeless appeal of Giselle. The characters and the the story are relevant at any time to everyone. What person has not loved but felt betrayed by the person they love at some part of their lives?

I think we have all consciously or not, hurt someone and felt the sting of guilt which then often times changes us in such a way that makes us more sensitive and empathetic.

With this sculpture I wanted to represent the metaphor of hope, and also forgiveness … for a love that is so strong that it will accept us despite our flaws and complications.

The character Giselle raises from a broken hearted death to dance with her still alive beloved. The other spirits who rise with her would have her dance her lover to his death, but because they shared a ‘true love’ her lover realizes it is the miracle of that love that saves his life. Giselle leaping into the air is the personification of love with faith. You must have both to rise above the frailty of love.



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Giselle | Table Top