Life Size

BRONZE  68.5” x 38” x 25” |  Edition of 12

Humans have always responded to winged characters, it is in our genetic make up from thousand of years ago. The Sumerian society is the oldest civilization that left behind evidence of the use of a winged human theme. The Sumerians believed that every human had a ‘phantom’ a ghost like figure that we now would consider a ‘guardian angel’. This being was a constant companion for a person throughout their life. Certainly angels or messengers, however we want to refer to them, go back so far in time that every human has some notion or vague feeling for the winged angelic beings. However they can be of assistance in a world so plugged into fear and violence.


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My angels are messengers of hope, healing and compassion. They are not perfect, but flawed in texture and proportion revealing the torment and suffering that they take away and exchange for protection and social justice. They are bold and humble at the same time.

Angels are here to heal us, to restore lost faith, broken trust and innocence. They help replace feelings of unworthiness with happiness as they help us enter the world of love. Throughout history angels have inspired poets, artists, writers, prophets and religious leaders as well as everyday men and women. Angels are associated with higher nature, joy, beauty, fulfillment, laughter and peace. When I was three years of age I walked away from my home and was missing for hours, I do not remember much about it except for a few images but mainly what my Mom and my sister have related to me since about what happened. I was missing for over three hours. During this time I do remember someone taking my hand. This person seemed to have on a scarf and large coat. She took my hand and kept me from crossing a busy street and must have called the police to say she had found a lost child. Then I remember a policeman taking me home to my family. I remember standing next to him as he drove me home, (this of course was before car seats). I never knew just who the figure was that held my hand and kept me from entering the busy intersection but I always, in the depth of my heart thought it must have been my guardian angel. This angel saw a child who needed protection and protected me. Throughout my life there have been many incidents of protection and kindness shown to me, I have tried to reflect these experiences in my new body of work called ‘The Warrior Angels’. Within this series are the ‘Guardian Angel’ and ‘Messenger of Hope’ ambassadors that protect us and allow us a greater understanding and connection to our Spirit. My hope is that through this body of work I can be of assistance as an artist to bring a symbol of extreme compassion, gentleness and love to all who see and experience my messengers.

Guardian Angel Life Size