LOVE SONG/Tabletop

Table Top

BRONZE  26.5” x 13” x 9” |  Edition of 25 

Music is the poetry of sound. It is what inspires us to move and to

See sound in its primordial beauty.

It is the Gypsies from the south of Spain that created this improvised music day by day since their arrival to Spain in the 15th century.

Music was very important in their celebrations and everyday life. All they needed to start to make music was a voice, and they soon started to add rhythms with their hands and feet. They liked improvisation and virtuosity .  Often quoted as saying "it's in the blood," to the gypsies Flamenco was song. Flamenco was music. Flamenco was dance. Flamenco was feeling. Flamenco was life... love... pain... rage... passion...

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