Table Top

BRONZE  25” x 15.5” x 10.5” |  Edition of 25

What is more divine than love. To come into this world alone and to find simpatico with another human being. When I was creating the sculpture ‘Love’s Divine’ I was contemplating the sensuous language of love. The power of non verbal body language when instinctively used in love. The split second you feel the familiarity of this person. When we try to rationalize love we only end up frustrated. Love is not something you can dissect. Love is like the sun set it does not need a reason to shine light, or cast shadows. What I know of love is that it feels like breath. One is always exhaling to the other’s inhale. The balance comes naturally. When I hold my beloved’s hand we walk together perfectly even though he is much larger than me. We do not try it just happens. This natural rhythm syncs us together. Balance is what I wanted with ‘Love’s Divine’, a symmetry of mind and heart which are shown through the metaphor of two bodies, giving and taking, holding on and letting go, supporting and releasing, all the while dancing together in this sensuous language of love.


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