BRONZE  32” x 13” x 24” |  Edition of 18

 Forged from fire ___ a visual poem ‘Moondance’.

Moondance represents love’s contrasting forces. A paradoxical experience of love’s gravity and levity. When I started to sketch this sculpture, my idea was to manifest the dance of affection and attachment through figures intertwined in a movement that choreographs the sublimity of shared human experience.

My hope is that Moondance can be a dialogue with the viewer of the dynamics of love, its capacity to anchor us to the most profound aspects of our being while simultaneously liberating us from earthly constraints. I wanted Moondance to embody the transparency and lightness of a genuine connection, illustrating the rise and fall of human emotions. This sculpture is my way of finding and trying to understand the intricate and transformative interactions of human connection – a nuanced, yet deeply passionate exploration into the dance of love.


Collections: TABLE TOP

Type: Table Top