A Fable of Passion

A Fable of Passion

December 20, 2021

A Fable of Passion


The water falling slowly

sounded like the texture

of adagio ____


the day had fallen asleep

scenting the sunset

with solace.


(dark sky pending) ____


why is it nearly impossible

to be friends after we have

stood uncovered before

one another?


Why must we act like

we feel nothing

after we have tasted

our flames

and consumed

each other’s ashes?


Why do we look the other way

when our past suddenly appears

behind the bars of age and beauty?


If we were meant to only see

what is before us

we would be grotesque

like a cyclops,

scary and lonely.


If we were not meant

to remember a past love

we would not have a mind

that created feelings

or be piloted by passion

permitting our soft salacious skin

to open and receive this splendor.


Instead we pass each other

beneath the collective canopy

regretting our nakedness

lamenting the fire

that still burns

untamed ____ within our hearts.


Sometimes we go so far

as to throw salt

upon our open wounds


_______ the birds are singing their clear song

they start when the sun breaks the day

a chorus into the night

and the song says

good bye, farewell, adieu ____



© Gesso Cocteau

From ‘Stranded Hearts and Other Sorrows’

© Digital Art Gesso Cocteau 

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