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( for C. )

You kissed me and even our shadows became one,

my heart began beating to the wings of birds

distant, wild and immortal.

I could feel the ocean inside of me

always returning to you,


I could sense the sun

pulling me toward you with intense gravity

closer than skin would permit.


How is it that your kiss

can tear me apart

at the same time put me back together

with such force and gentleness?


Your kiss is the dictionary of poets

the logos of love.

I surrender to you every vowel,

verb and pronoun that sits upon my tongue.


The ancients vowed endless bliss, 

the way my body aches while kissing you ____

wanting to open myself to your body

and pour into you like a new born river.


I memorize your taste.

It is the salt of earth with the scent of fallen angels.


With your kiss the world opens and you swallow me

into your hunger and our need ____ your blaze and ice ____

our lust and our love.


Your kiss makes me aware that I exist.

This quiet love becomes madness with your mouth against mine,

and our shadow blends us into another world where two people become one.


The shape of my body beneath your kiss is fluid,

no promises, no demands only the purity of now.

You fire me with your love as though I am made of clay,

and I could stay still within your arms forever.


This kiss of life takes me into our shadows,

nothing else matters, the world disappears

and there is only you.


____ you are my kiss of life.


Sculpture 'Kiss of Life' © Gesso Cocteau

Cast Bronze Edition of 18 


Poem       ©    Gesso Cocteau

Drawing   ©    Gesso Cocteau

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