The Poets Say The Heart Is Never Full, The Poets Are Right ____

The Poets Say The Heart Is Never Full, The Poets Are Right ____

March 23, 2022

Gold Against Flesh

The golden threads woven
into a dark night ____
the ivory flesh open to a tempest.

Can there be passion without conflict?

(Only you and I know what this poem is about.)

To be passionate, curious and untamed
before we vanish into the void.

Do you see the way
sadness can change us?

(The way our hearts break
yet we continue to love ____

The poets say
the heart is never too full
of passionate longing,

(but at some point)

we realize we are always
In the middle of chaos
wounded and disorganized
always aware of our brief
and temporary lives ____

my devotion to you was without meaning,
enchanting and untranslatable.

(I was always in search of another poem)

____ but I lost you.

Sadly I could not stop
the sorceress in me;
always turning love to stone.

Now ____
we are invisible
to one another.

Always the cold regret
of knowing this truth,
‘you and I never allowed ourselves
the undeniable beauty of being.’

(such a mistake)

I kept a barbed wire
wall around my heart,
no kissing on the lips ____

( other lovers in line
____ always pearls for passion )

I would protect my heart:
everything else a barter,
____ until you.

You reflected my affliction
you spoke of my sins
you asked me to change

but why should I change?
I am the sister of witches
who wandered the earth
before I was born ____

The whirlwind of a fury
is the poem I authored for you,
and though you leave me cryptic messages
you still breathe into me
the song of your silence
the shadow of your discomfort.

Forgive me that I still care about you.

Forgive me
that a part of me
still dares
not to let you slip from my memory.

The poets say
the heart is never full,
the poets are right ____

but when I decide to forget you
who then my love
will write poems for you

Poetry © Gesso Cocteau 

Photo © Nanni Mensch

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