Falling From Grace

Falling From Grace

November 26, 2021



Falling From Grace


When we were in love

I wanted nothing from you ____


But what happens to the memory

of our bodies outlined 

by the drifting sand

still swirling in the southern sky?


Like everyone who came before you

it seemed needless to stay ____

and now your voice, 

just a shadow of a whisper

I barely remember.


We change so quickly

from green to flower to fruit

to brown to broken to rot


when all we really want

Is just a moment 

to float in a cerulean blue sky,

to touch the sun with our hearts

and to feel 

that we have been found ____ not lost.


How beautiful your body

how perfect the life

that doesn’t belong to me.


I only know one way to go

decisively and swift

my heart changes 

and you never existed.


Unimaginable the way 

erotic passion retreats ____

a line through your name

an arrow through my heart


and once again I am naked

and needing nothing more ____


The flower that grows up my spine

reminds me that falling from grace

is at the center of being human.


© Gesso Cocteau

From Stranded Hearts

To be Released Summer 2022

Photo © Anna O



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