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Notes from my journal on ‘Original Mother’.

December 11, 2019

Notes from my journal on ‘Original Mother’.

I created ‘Original Mother’ as a symbolic gesture of our common ancestry.  It represents a pursuit to unite people into the thread of humanity; to revolutionize the deepest meaning in our lives and to transmit a feeling of belonging and family. The Original Mother is a primordial motif where belonging is explored and the question we have asked for centuries, “What is my place in the universe?” is ruptured, dissected and examined. She is a model for forming a new family alliance in the oneness of humanity, a visual narrative of influence, going back in time and claiming our common ancestry to bring into the future. 

When I first conceptualized The Original Mother I was asking the all-inclusive question, “Where do we come from?” This has been one of the paramount questions asked by humans for thousands of years. Although the question itself provokes numerous levels of thought, my idea in asking was not to segregate or fracture my answer by seeking organized religion solutions, but to have a discussion with myself about The Original Mother, and by wondering who she was in a pre argument, pre organized religion realm.

Original Mother

The world is a diverse place this is part of the separation that we feel.  People come in different shapes and appearances, yet the genetic structure is not so different. Over 99% of the DNA in all people is identical. The remaining one percent is what accounts for our dissimilarity.

The Original Mother represents the oneness of human existence.  She is the mythic image of the feminine principal. Our human alcove emphasizes brains over brawn; this is what gives us creativity and language, art and poetry, curiosity and social interaction. The Original Mother is a cellular memory, which I think we all have. She is a symbol of healing and unifying, the unification of mind, matter, soul and body, thinking and feeling intellect and intuition, reason and instinct. The Original Mother becomes a valid expression of the sanctity and unity of life. Not as a personalized image but a universal emblem a vision of life as a sacred whole in which all humanity is represented.

Original Mother

As an artist I am aware of the urgent need to comprehend the world as a unity. I have conceptualized The Original Mother to be the primal source of all humans. Mythic images are important on so many levels. Symbols and icons radically influence us both in our personal and in our collective life. If concurrent forces shape the cultivation of human culture than feral anthropology is scripted in ancient symbols all over The Original Mother. She is the aperture of human evolution.

Original Mother (Insendio)

For as long as people have existed we have struggled to know where we come from, to discover and define a universal truth. It is a personal journey with landmarks along the way. The journey is almost always plagued with hardships and also filled with an ineffable joy. But we are all in the grid together; despite our differences we do all share a common ancestry. Within this human tapestry I created ‘Original Mother’, a sculpture of unification.


Gesso Cocteau

June 6 2019

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