Table Top

BRONZE  33” x 14” x 11”  |  Edition of 8

Anais Nin wrote in her diary, “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, and other souls.”  With my piece, ‘The Journey’ I realized that whenever we reach out to another person in an intimate way we are beginning a journey. It is an invitation to share our love our passion and our hope. We may even get lost with this person on our journey, but sometimes we find new paths of passion that would not have been discovered without getting lost. I have learned in loving that at times you just stand still with that person and that becomes the journey. To linger is to suggest that it is not the destination or some perfect place you are trying to arrive with your love, but the moment of realization that you are with that person you desire to spend time with. In this way your stillness becomes the direction of your affection.


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