Mid Size 

BRONZE  29.5” x 12” x 10” |  Edition of 8

I am an artist driven by passion. I only sculpt to manifest ideas and emotions that have to do with a devotion to ecstasy and love. One of my favorite pastimes is to look at people or photos of people who are experiencing a human and soulful connection with another person. The sensuous world provides the artist with a vocabulary forged by the most common human experience … love.

In the piece “With One Breath" I wanted to create a balance of need, want, desire and rest. When we love another person with trust, there is a place where the two of you can go to let go of the world and be in your own private domain. This landscape of the love created between two people woven with trust and faith becomes the fortress to keep that love nourished. When you find yourself in this protected and alluring harbor it is almost as though you only have one heart, one breath.

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With One Breath