March 12, 2023



What is this abstract force

that after so many years

has woven us together in time?


I know nothing of you

except somethings are inevitable

and cravings are not controllable.


This moment where I stand

I have nothing to gain,

nothing to lose.


( I am dark, I seduce then I let go)


Is this what you want?

We will be at each other’s mercy

the more we eat from one another

the greater our hunger will grow.


We will never appease this lust,

and afterward it will seem distorted:

Call it destiny or consequence

but it will be our primal instincts that ride us.


Saddled by sensuality

the animals run

into the darkened hills ____

It is no small thing

to fall in love with a seductress.


I come to you in your dreams

far from my angelic roots

to take you into my realm ____

the wet, the salt and the deep.

You lie under me

as we move into the dream

mind sliding against mind.


Then it is hard to know where

we end and where we began.

Me within your stone____

you within my bronze.


At some point

we will both grow impatient,

reality will not claim our dreams

and beneath the morning sun

we will fade away

from one another.


( It will end abruptly )


To need one another

is where we disappear.


Between this hunger

and desire

my heart is empty.


© Poetry and Art Gesso Cocteau






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