Rose Thorn

Rose Thorn

March 22, 2024

You said:

“It's all deeper water.  

even the prevalent shallows.”


Your words landed soft upon my skin 

and slit their way into my heart, 

even my clenched fist let go

and for a moment I dreamt

I was floating upon the intangible.


I have had so many lives 

always living on the edge 

between chance

and a meticulous scenario. 

But mostly I find myself

within the cavern of this sensual life,

asking myself.

what am I without this?


You are living in my head right now, 

and the bird nestled

right outside my window 

sings a song I cannot decode. 


You told me a secret 

and I have planted it deep

into my garden 

between the roses and the thorns.

Art and Poetry © Gesso Cocteau




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