You, the Birds, and I

You, the Birds, and I

May 19, 2024

You, the Birds, and I


You had written ____

I remember

the words

like music

falling upon my skin.


You said you knew me,

___and the  poems I wrote for you

were markers

like leaves

in the wind

showing us the

movement of our lust.


I perceived you

as if you were with me

in the garden

laying next to me

between night and the earth.


The moon’s sojourn had begun

and we were part of that journey.

Who could say if this was a dream or real?


And I would unfold my body

into yours,

where I belong

beneath the hands

of your words,

conducting my emotions.


Rising and falling

watching the stars

knowing we are timeless

coherent and open.


I am thinking ____

you the birds and I

beneath the darkened

midnight sky.


Night ____ night.

© Gesso Cocteau

“The music is not in the notes,

but in the silence between.”

― Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart








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